Some features in best robot vacuum

Brief Introduction

For some of us who do not know, robot vacuum has been invaded the market with all of its cheap price accompanied with decent specs hence the need to know the best robot vacuum is a must which is to get the best service from this product. Robot vacuum is basically a product of the advancement of technology that has brought this era into a higher level which one of the things that can prove this, is the proliferation of decent advanced products. These products has been giving us an easy time to do our jobs or activities either in our house or the place that we work. Best robot vacuumOne of the good example of these decent product is the robot vacuum. This new innovation has made our life easier especially when it comes to the responsibility to keep our house or apartment cleaned. Well, some of use may think that this robot vacuum is only a waste of money since we can clean our house or apartment with ourselves by using brooms or ordinary vacuum cleaners. We have entered the era where innovations have been found not only to simplify the work that we must do but also the quality of the work. Comparing the result of cleaning our house with our hands and by using this robot vacuum will result with robot vacuum as the undisputed winner since it offers more benefits whether in the cost that must be spent and also the final result therefore, robot vacuum is irreplaceable nowadays. However, not all robot vacuums have the same specs or features where price will be differentiated between ordinary robot vacuum with the best robot vacuum. Luckily in here, we are going to give you all some advices to choose the best robot vacuum for us based on its price and its specs. Hopefully, we will be able to decide, later on after we finish reading this article, the best robot vacuum for us to possess.

Triple Cleaning System

The first spec that must be possessed by the best robot vacuum is the cleaning system. This system is actually can be found in every robot vacuum but the need to see the detail information of this feature is truly a must. The best robot vacuum has three stage of cleaning systems that will make it more efficient for us to clean our house therefore we must find this spec if we want to get the best result with our robot vacuum.

Virtual Wall To Limit Coverage

The second aspect of the best vacuum is the virtual wall. Nope, this robot will not create a virtual wall instead of pretending walls or doors as a virtual wall. How does this virtual wall work? Well, this virtual wall is actually a technology that will allow us to create our own limitation. What limitation? Virtual wallIt is basically a limitation of this robot vacuum’s coverage in cleaning the area. This can be very useful when we want this best robot vacuum to only clean specific areas in our house or apartment without having to go to the other areas that does need any cleaning service. This best robot vacuum will detect those walls or doors as the limit of its coverage areas so that it will automatically turn into other direction that will still occur in the areas that we want to clean. Again, not all robot vacuum get this mind-blowing technology installed in its system hence only the best robot vacuum that will possess this virtual wall technology.

Long Battery Duration

Best robot vacuumThe next spec for the best robot vacuum is the battery duration. Before we are going any further on this spec, we must know about the how the energy is maintained in this robot. Robot vacuum uses a battery to turn this robot on where the battery can be charged so that it can be used to do another cleaning service. However, the type of battery is different from one robot vacuum to another robot vacuums. The type of battery will directly affect the duration for this robot to stay alive. The average duration for a robot vacuum to do their duty when it is full charges is ranging from 3 to 5 hours. If we find any robot vacuum that offers lower than 3 hours then we should abandon it immediately. The best robot vacuum will have a battery duration in that range.

Large Dirt Storage

Another spec that is worth to be considered is the dirt storage. This storage will be the place to store all the dirt that is collected with this robot. The best robot vacuum will have a large dirt storage so that it can store more dirt hence it will make it more efficient for us in cleaning our house. The storage is directly related with the size of the robot vacuum where the larger the size, the larger also the dirt storage. However, with a greater size, a robot vacuum will appear to be less efficient.

The Dirt Detect Technology

The dirt detect technology is another advanced technology that is installed only on the best robot vacuum.  This technology will allow the best robot vacuum to detect dirtier areas. What is the use in detecting dirtier areas? Well, the main use of it is to tell the robot vacuum to spend more time cleaning the dirtier area hence it will be very effective. With this technology, robot vacuum will have an effective time to clean the dirty areas in our house.

Scheduling Feature

The last spec that must be possessed in the best robot vacuum is the scheduling feature. Yes, this feature can be only found in the best robot vacuum. This scheduling feature will be very handy if we does not have enough time to clean our house in a week straight where the best robot vacuum can anticipate if this problem comes around which is by using this scheduling feature. This feature will allow us to set the time (up to seven sessions) for the robot vacuum to clean our house. In conclusion, we must be a smart shopper to get this the best robot vacuum