Robotic vacuum with its features

Robotic vacuum with its features

Product of technology

The product of the technology nowadays has many effect on our life where most of them are positive. One of the product is robot. Yes, it is basically an automated machine that is made for many purposes where all of the purposes are for making things easier for the mankind. However, let’s set a corridor of our discussion in here where the robots that will be discussed are not robots that we mostly see in the movies which are the robots with all of the heavy weapons to fight monsters. The kind of robots that we will discuss in here are robots that are used to help us in doing daily activities such as cleaning, serving, or many other activities. To be more specific, the kind of robots that we are going to thoroughly discuss is the robotic vacuum.

3-step system

Well for some reasons, this device is not really popular except in America and some countries in Europe Region where the demand of this product is overwhelming. Well, there must be a reason for that which is the use of this robotic vacuum that is truly beyond our expectation. This device can be very efficient for cleaning our house either it is a big house or a small house. Well, the use is pretty common at first but wait until we see how this thing works. Fortunately in here, we will give you some information about this robotic vacuum which includes some of its features and how it works.


Robotic vacuum is basically a robot that has the main use which is to vacuum our floors. This robot can be operated both automatically or manually where it depends on us. For some of us who need to do our works in our house or apartment with a tiny little time to clean our room then we can set this robotic vacuum into the automatic mode where if we want to take control on this robot then we can set it into its manual mode. Moving on to the main features of this robotic vacuum, the first feature is the size of this robot. Some of us may think that this robot will have a huge sized since it has a very hard tasks whereas it appears to be very small for a robot’s size. This robotic vacuum comes in the form of a round that makes it easy to move from one area to another areas. With its small size, it surely makes the cleaning process more effective.


Another feature from this robotic vacuum is the storage of the dirt. Although it varies based on the brand but basically this robot offers a huge storage to keep the dirt while it cleans our floor. With its massive storage, it will be very efficient to store the dirt without having to spend more time to replace the storage.

Long duration

This storage accompanied with the long duration of battery therefore this robot can work for hours. The duration of the battery to keep this robotic volume working also depends on the brand of the robot however the difference will not be huge. The estimated duration is ranging from 3-5 hours.

This surely becomes a perfect combination with the huge storage that will significantly increase the effectively of this robot.

Dirt detect

Now let’s talk about another feature of this robotic vacuum which is the dirt detect technology. Yes, you heard me right, it is a technology that is able to detect dirt. Sounds pretty neat, isn’t it? Well, there might be some pessimistic voices about this technology but it truly exists and already has been implemented on this robotic vacuum. With this technology, the robot will have the ability to detect dirty areas so that it can be vacuumed. Not only has the ability to detect dirt, this technology also made this robot to be able to detect dirtier areas so that it will spend more time in that areas.

Cleaning system

Another feature is of this robotic robot is the cleaning system. There will be three stage of cleaning systems that make it possible to absorb very small objects such pet’s hair or small debris. This is certainly a robot that we are looking for since it will not merely pick up large objects but also very tiny objects that are frequently skipped by us while we are cleaning our house with our own hand.


Iadapt is another feature that we can discover in this robotic vacuum. This feature will allow this robot to have a good sensibility of the dirt occurrences where one thing that makes it even more special is the ability to clean some areas that cannot be reached while we are cleaning our house using bare hand only. This is truly a very important features if we want all of the corners of our house appear to be very clean.

Virtual wall

Some of us may doubt that robotic vacuum may encounter problems when it must faces walls or doors. Have no worries since this robot will be implemented with the technology that is called as virtual wall. Virtual wallYes, this technology will make this robotic vacuum to be able to detect walls, doors, or any obstacles therefore it can avoid in hitting them and search for the best possible way to move to another dirty areas.


The last feature that we will get by possessing this robotic vacuum is scheduling. This is actually one of the best features in this robot where it will enable us to make a schedule of our cleaning time where it ups to seven sessions in a week. With all of those decent features, some of us may be pessimistic about the price of this robotic vacuum. Well, there is a good news that the price will be purchasable even by a low class society. The price of this robotic vacuum will have a range from $200 to $700. It is certainly a worth to be paid price to get a robot with all of its useful features.