Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Look for These Features Before Buying

Before going out and spending a great deal on a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different features that are available on different brands and models. While one robotic vacuum cleaner may offer a wide range of features and abilities, others may not have the exact same things. Some of these features may be must-haves for your needs while others are simply bonuses that come with the device. First, you will want to decide exactly what you will be using your robot vacuum cleaner for to choose the right product and features for you.

 What You Need in a Robot Vacuum

With the growing popularity of robotic vacuums, there are many different ones popping up on the market that you may not have a clue which one to purchase. Some of these vacuums start at as little as $100 and others go up to as much as $1000. Before shelling out the money for a top of the line product, you will need to decide what you really need out of your vacuum. Simple, average robot cleaner models are ideal for vacuuming hard floor surfaces, removing dust and debris as it goes along. Moving into higher-priced models, you may notice that these are more ideal for homes that have one type of flooring the meets another type. For example, your family room may be in need of having the carpet vacuumed while the connected kitchen simply needs its floor dusted. Better transitioning options are usually found in higher-end models. Look at the type of flooring that you have throughout your home to decide which type of robotic vacuum you actually need.

 Power, Performance and Charging Features

Today, most robotic vacuums are able to clean for a duration of 4 hours at a time. Different models need a different amount of time to fully charge in order to take advantage of their full performance features. Some vacuums may require you to plug them in yourself after a cleaning cycle while others will easily find their way back to their charging bases after running. This means that you don’t need to be home in order for the vacuum to sense that it needs to charge itself. Before purchasing, be aware of the charging features and power options that it has to make a well-informed purchase decision.

 Cleaning and Dust Bins

The last thing that you will want from your robotic vacuum cleaner is for the dust bin to fill up before it has time to circle around your entire home. Robots that include a larger bin are ideal for those who will be running the device while they are not at home and unable to throw away the dirt. This is a convenient feature that will provide you with optimum performance rather than filling up too quickly. You will also want to look into the vacuums cleaning features. For example, does it have room recognition for more efficient cleaning or does it not have the same intelligence that other models have? These are all features that you will want to look out for before buying.