Robot vacuum cleaners as a groundbreaking invention


There has been so many groundbreaking inventions and innovations as the technology keep advancing where one of its successful product is the robot vacuum cleaners. Although there are tons of product as the result of the technology, some of them have failed to enter the market due to several reasons. For example: the main use of the product is not very necessary for helping our activities, the product is not environmental friendly, the product is way too expensive, and many other reasons that possible to hamper the development of a certain product hence those products become a huge failure. In the other hand, there are also products that have been proven to be well accepted in the market. Those products are mostly products that can fulfill the market’s demands with some exceptional features and price. Robot vacuum cleaners are belong to the products that are well accepted with the market although the market in here refers to the North American market and some markets in the Europe Region. Robot vacuum cleaners are robots that are simply a great help for every people that comes from every class strata either they are from low, middle, or high strata.

Useful robot

Talking about robot, it is important to define the meaning of robot before we are going any further. Please eradicate the thoughts that are assuming those robots are robots that armed with heavy machineries with a “here looks alike” model or shape where it is created to save mankind from monsters or aliens attack.

The type of robots that we will discuss in here are robots that will help people in finishing their daily activities such as cleaning, washing, serving, and many other activities hence we need to keep in mind the corridor of our discussion to prevent any misleading thoughts. Robot vacuum cleaners are robots with a tiny shape that have the ability to clean our floors.  Yes, it is basically vacuum cleaners but the differences are located in the shape of this robot and the automatic function of this robot. With those two difference alone, these robots have been one of the most popular robots in North America. There also some features that we will not find in the ordinary vacuum cleaner where all of the features will grant us the ability to clean our floors without shedding any sweats whatsoever. With the brand new features also, we can also get a decent work quality that will performed by these robot vacuum cleaners. I know some of us are intrigued to know more about these brilliant products where fortunately we are going to give you all some reviews about the features that we will find in the robot vacuum cleaners. Please note that, not all robot vacuum cleaners will possess all the features that will be reviewed so that we need to check the brand itself to find it either a certain robot vacuum cleaners’ brand does have the features that we desire to have in these robots.

Robot’s price

First of all we are not going to talk about the features whereas we will going to talk about the price. Yes, this aspect is the thing that matters the most when it comes to getting something from the shop. The general price to get these robot vacuum cleaners to work in our house our apartment is ranging from $200-$700. Yes it does sound expensive at first but let’s take a look with other option that we can use to get our house or apartment cleaned. Hiring a maid is the option that we can choose in order to clean our house or apartment. The cost range to hire a maid for a month is about $1500-$3000 with the 3-5 hours as their work time. Comparing with the robot vacuum cleaners, hiring maid is certainly costly where the amount of time that the maid offers is also very little hence we cannot expect too much by hiring a maid. Different story if we get these robot vacuum cleaners working in our house where the cost that must be spent is only two which are the cost to purchase the robot and the electricity.

The only virtual wall

Now, we have known that the price is relatively cheap if we compare with other options so now, we will discuss about some of its features.Virtual_wall The very first feature that we are going to talk about is the virtual wall. This is actually one of the newest feature in the robot vacuum cleaners which means that not all robots will possess this feature. This feature will allow us to set the limit of area that will be cleaned by this robot vacuum cleaners. For example we can set the limit to either the walls or the doors or even both of them. By setting the limit of areas for this robot vacuum cleaners hence these robots will only clean a certain area without trespassing into other areas in our house or apartment. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Iadapt as its features

The next feature that will make there robot vacuum cleaners even better is the Iadapt. This technology is actually the technology that boost the quality of work in the automatic mode of these robots. Iadapt will enable these robots to detect areas that are dirty even in areas that are hard to be reached by our hand and clean it up by using three stage cleaning systems. Therefore the result will be very satisfying. Almost all of the robot vacuum cleaners have this feature.

Scheduling system

Another feature that is installed in these robot vacuum cleaners is the scheduling system. Yes, we heard it right, these robots can be set with a certain schedule with seven sessions as the maximum number of session in a week. So this is actually very helping when we need to spend all of our days in a week to do more important stuffs than cleaning our house. In conclusion, with its reasonable price accompanied with some decent features that are installed in it, robot vacuum cleaners are the best option for us to clean our house in the most efficient way.