iRobot Roomba Silver Vacuuming Robot

When it comes to cleaning you would like your home cleaned on a regular basis,iRoomba Silver can do your floors for you. It’s one of the latest technologies that are taking households by storm and there are several reasons why.

First of all the Silver Roomba is affordable, especially when you consider that it’s durable and will work for you. So if you figure out how often you sweep and vacuum, put that into hours spent, within a short time your Roomba will have paid for itself. Amazingly it actually will keep your floors cleaner than you do and at a less expensive cost.


The iRobot Roomba Silver is preprogrammed when you take it out of the box so it’s easier to set up than a computer. You will need to charge it up before you can run it for the first time. Be sure to follow manufacture’s directions, as it’s important for the first full charge for the life of your battery. Of course, if your battery does wear out, you can purchase an extra. This is not a throw away machine but one that will last for years.

Once your Silver Roomba is fully charged, you will just push a button to tell it to start and your work is done. This means the Roomba, which is not as loud as your vacuum, will start taking care of your floors, all by itself. Of course, the first time you use your Roomba you won’t trust it to clean so will probably be watching it carefully. You will see it begin to clean, back off of furnishings, table legs, and even watch out for your children and pets.

After about your third use, you’ll begin to trust your Roomba to get the job done without your supervision and learn to depend on it. In fact, you’ll very likely forget how to use a broom.

The Silver Roomba has been out for a while and all consumers are very happy with it for taking care of floors, carpets, pet hair, and other dirt in your home. Read reviews if you are concerned about how the Silver Roomba will affect your life. Basically, you will be able to have clean floors and more time to do the things you enjoy or, get some other household chores done, meaning everything will be done quicker.

There are accessories you can purchase for your iRobot Roomba Silver such as a self docking station so before it runs out of battery it will head back to it’s own docking station or you can purchase floor cleaning solution in anticipation of purchasing a mopping Roomba so you can forget how to use a mop as well as your broom.