iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series Robot Vacuum Review and Information

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series

This top of the line model from Roomba can take care of all your cleaning needs,  and is designed for businesses or heavy users.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Roomba 610 Model robotic vacuum:

iRobot Roomba 610 ReviewCleans Large Areas:

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series

The Roomba 610 can clean up to 4 rooms on a single charge allowing business owners a labor free way to clean the whole store after hours.

Simple to Operate:

Simply press the clean button and let the Roomba 610 do all your work for you. Don’t worry about having the charge your unit, it does it for you.

Industrial Strength:

Industrial strength paint and bumpers ensures that your Roomba 610 stands up to the added stresses of professional use.

Replacement Parts and Oversized Bins:

The 610 model comes with two high capacity sweeper bins, a complete set of replacement brushes, replacement filters, as well as a storage case.

Scheduled Cleanings:

Can schedule up to 7 cleanings a week, and at times that work best for you. No more paying employees to clean the floor, schedule the Roomba 610 to do it at any time you would like.

Three Cleaning Modes:

Pick one of three modes, standard cleaning mode, max mode (for larger rooms), as well as spot mode which cleans an area up to three feet in diameter. Having three modes ensures your Roomba 610 is always cleaning optimally.

Virtual Wall Lighthouses:

Virtual wall lighthouses help you direct your Roomba and close of any unwanted areas.

Two-Year Warranty:

The professional series Roomba 610 comes with a Two-Year warranty and is the only unit in the iRobot line to carry this extended warranty.

Docking Base:

When the Roomba 610 is finished or low on battery it automatically returns to its docking base making it easy and pain free to keep your device charged at all times.

Now that we have identified some of the key features of the Roomba 610 let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s.


The 610 model is capable of cleaning large spaces on the max setting, letting it clean until the battery runs out. This is a great feature for businesses or homes with larger rooms. The 610 does a great job on all surface types picking up everything it crosses. The scheduled cleanings allows you to have clean floors without even knowing they were cleaned, or if you’re like me, you set it for times when you can watch it, and the dogs.  With the oversized bins you have the empty them less often which is always nice, and the cleaning brush it comes with is a nice bonus as well. The two-year warranty is a definite plus as some people have had issues with a couple Roomba’s, but with a two-year warranty you can rest assured you are getting a little more value. This model seems to be particularly well at avoiding stairs which is important when dealing with an expensive device such as this. Don’t want your machine falling off and breaking itself, or something else. The 610 seems to gently approach objects and does not really bump objects like some of the other robotic vacuums.  Lastly the thing is just fun to watch, fun to watch the pets play with, and does a good job, allowing me to take less time out of my week to clean. Also, I can see it being a huge cost saver for a business, eliminating the need to pay an employee to vacuum the floors.


Some people have complained that the cleaning of the brushes can be a little tedious and time consuming, the brush helps but doesn’t get everything. I have heard about both good and bad stories concerning Roomba’s customer service so I’m going put that as a con, if anything does go wrong some people have had issues with the overall customer service, but these people always speak loudest, so its unclear how often the service is actually poor. Another thing to remember is to keep small cords such as speaker wires clear of the Roomba, while it does back off the larger cords, it’s pretty hard to recognize the smaller diameter cords. I have heard complaints of the 610 not dealing well with animal hair and fur, requiring further cleaning and sometimes clogging the unit, a possible fix is one of the Roomba pet models such as the 632. Lastly this is a fairly expensive machine, it does come with a two-year warranty but it also has a sticker price of $599.

Overall the 610 has some offerings that no other robotic vacuum has. The added space and max setting are definitely a plus. The two-year warranty adds a little piece of mind, and for the sticker price of $599 it’s not exactly cheap, but overall it’s a great solution and can be a great addition to any home or business.