iRobot 560 Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Here are some key features of the Roomba 560

Cleans Routinely:

You can easily set your Roomba to clean when you want, at a time that caters to your busy schedule. This ensures that you never trip over or even know that your Roomba is there, you simply have clean floors at all times.

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot

Simple Operation:

One advantage to the Roomba 560 is its ease of use. Through its lighthouse system and a few simple buttons you can program your Roomba to operate at scheduled times and to clean the surfaces you want, when you want it too.

Under Furniture:

Unlike an upright vacuum the low profile Roomba is capable of cleaning the whole room; it easily passes under couches, tables, chairs, and other obstacles to ensure that no spot is left un-cleaned. To more back strains and missed spots, let the Roomba do the work for you, while you’re at work or asleep.


Detects dirtier areas:

The Roomba is able to detect areas of your floors that deserve more attention and focuses on those areas until they are satisfactory. The Roomba doesn’t simply pass over each spot once but instead ensures that all surfaces are equally clean.

Edge Cleaning Capability:

The Roomba’s patented brush system gets all the way to the walls, cleaning every edge and crevice unlike many self powered machines that leave a gap between your wall and the rest of your carpet.

Adjusts for floor surfaces:

Not all surfaces are equal and the people at iRobot are aware of this. The Roomba vacuum adjusts for the surface it is cleaning, switching from carpet to hard floors automatically as it detects changes.

Senses and avoids obstacles:

Don’t worry about your expensive vacuum tumbling down the stairs because the Roomba effectively senses and avoids stairs and other obstacles. This ensures that your Roomba stays where it is supposed to and isn’t damaged in the process.

Automatically returns to charging base:

At the end of the day, or when the Roomba needs to be recharged it automatically makes its way back to the charging base. This ensures you never have to worry about it not finishing the job or stopping in a spot where you may trip over it.

Now that we know what the Roomba can do let’s talk about some of its strong points and some of its weak points.

iRobot Roomba 560 pros and cons


If you are like me and never have enough hours in the day, a robotic vacuum can really reduce the stress of finding time to vacuum. I like the fact that you can program the Roomba to clean at times when you’re out of the house or asleep, ensuring it doesn’t hinder the little time you do have at home. I personally hate dealing with vacuum bags, and having to buy new ones all the time. The Roomba uses an easy to empty bag less system that makes emptying quick and easy. I was surprised when the Roomba didn’t pull up the edge of my rugs like other vacuums have done in the past. The Roomba uses an anti tangle device that virtually eliminates these kind of annoyances. With both side brushes as well as two main high-speed brushes the 560 picks up everything it crosses, leaving your floors as clean as can be expected. Another big plus is that the 560 cleans under any obstacle such as, beds, couches, tables and chairs. This allows the Roomba to reach places that an upright cannot. I found the 560 to be very quiet even when I was home when it was cleaning, which is a definite plus for me as I’m easily annoyed by sounds. The Vacuum also comes with two lighthouses that serve as virtual walls letting you dictate exactly where the Roomba cleans. I have found that these work surprisingly well, and I’ll admit I tried to trick them a few times with little luck. Lastly, the fact that I never have to worry about charging the 560 or worry about tripping over it is a huge plus and one less thing I have to remember to do. With 120 minutes on continuous cleaning I personally haven’t seen it go in for a recharge without finishing the rooms I have designated. It should be noted that each unit comes with a one year warranty as well as two Auto Virtual Walls, a brush cleaning tool, and an extra filter. Lastly it’s just fun to watch, sit back and enjoy the show, or entertain confused pets for hours.

Now to the cons:

One thing I noticed was that the first few times I cleaned a room the Roomba did such a good job that it filled up fast. I had to empty it a few times before it finished the room. This could be because I’m a dirty slob, but I think it’s mostly because it went places I hadn’t for a while, and cleans thoroughly. After the room had been cleaned once or twice this was no longer an issue, but the first few times I did have to empty it often. I also had to find a convenient dock location for the 560. I thought I was being clever by hiding the dock under a chair in the corner of the room, but the Roomba just wandered around for a while. I have since moved the dock and this seems to have fixed the issue. This device could really use a indicator that its full, there is no notice when it is at its capacity and I sometimes forget to check/empty it. Lastly for the cons I find that I have to clean the brushes and make sure everything is running smoothly fairly regularly, but again this could just be me wanting the perfect device.

Overall I have found the Roomba 560 to be a fantastic device for what it is. I’m very happy with the overall performance and glad that I have one less thing to do. The only issue I’ve read about but have not encountered is that sometimes the side brushes have some issues, but Roomba support seems to be quick and easy to use, and seemed to have made everyone with issues happy. Overall should be a great option for anyone looking for a robotic vacuum. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us.

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