Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum

The Dyson Robot Vacuum is finally here. When James Dyson first imagined his life, it was not as a maker of cleaning equipment. He studied architecture and then began to create marine craft. From here, he shifted to the garden wheelbarrow before honing his sights on the regular vacuum cleaner.


The first Dyson vacuum cleaner used cyclone technology to prevent suction power from being diminished. It revolutionized the world of vacuum cleaners, and everyone soon followed. Fortunately for us, James Dyson didn’t stop there. His dream was to create bigger and better machines differently in a way that would again create new avenues for cleaning equipment. His latest success is found in the Dyson Robot Vacuum.

It was a work in progress beginning in the mid 1990s and finally coming out 7 years later in 2001. It was the first non-programmed robotic vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence. With 70 sensors and color-coded “mood buttons,” this Dyson Robot Vacuum opened new doors. It was to be the most expensive vacuum cleaner rumored at $6,000 which made Dyson go back to the drawing board to create a more affordable machine.balltech_large

Two years ago, he was able to unveil the smallest Dyson Robot Vacuum cleaner, the DC26. It has the patented Dyson Root Cyclone technology which uses centrifugal force to clean floors and the V-Ball technology to keep its suction power at optimum level while moving effortlessly across a room.

The genius in this Dyson Robot Vacuum is found in the persistence of its creator and the more than 300 scientists and engineers who helped him build it. This invention was awarded the 2009 Japanese Good Design Gold Award. It is light yet virtually unbreakable having been dropped on a floor and banged against walls repeatedly and still able to function properly. Compared to astounding earlier price, this Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum is reportedly being sold in Japan and soon around the world for only $1,240. That’s a fulfilled dream for James Dyson with his robotic technology now performing at its best and available to the general public.


Granted that the price is still steep, this machine will certainly spoil you. Cleaning house is really something you can’t skip often. The dirt will be there waiting and accumulating. Doing house cleaning for years leaves you exhausted and cranky. After all these years, don’t you think you deserve the Dyson Robot Vacuum? It is much cheaper than maid service, and since Dyson is known for its quality products, this would be a one-time investment for a lifetime of less work.