Determining the best robot vacuum for pet hair

Determining the best robot vacuum for pet hair

Who doesn’t love pets?

Who does not love pets?  I guess all of us do love pets especially dogs and cats. They are loyal, cute, and can be our best buds forever. We must admit that a close relationship between us and our pets are unavoidable since pets are the one who accompany in every tough conditions that we suffer and also in happy condition. Because of this close relationship, we sometimes tend to keep our pets inside our house so that we will have a more intense communication with our pets. We will certainly allow pets to jump to our beds, our sofas, or even our clean carpets. However, this close relationship may cause several consequences where it it’s not being anticipated as soon as possible, worse consequences might happen. Allowing pets to playing around in our house means that we will allow them to drop their hairs (accidentally) in random places in our house. They can drop it in our bedroom, carpet, or even or sofa. How can this be a big deal? Well, for some of us who don’t know about the consequences that are cause by pet’s hairs, let me tell you all now.

Pet’s Hairs

Pet’s hairs can be responsible to some chronic diseases that we can suffer if we don’t annihilate it as soon as possible. Best robot vacuum for pet hairThe possibility for those diseases to attack us is increased by our own habit to let either our dogs or cats sleep with us in our bedroom. This surely can exacerbate our health condition. Some of those diseases are the bubonic plague, chagas disease, cat stratch diseases, and other bacterial infections that may be very dangerous. Does that mean that we should keep our lovely pets outside? Nope, that’s not the answer where we can use tools that can get rid those pet’s hairs. One of the tools that are recommended for annihilating those hairs are the vacuum cleaner. Not an ordinary vacuum cleaner but the best vacuum for pet hair. In here we are going to give you all an overviews about the most appropriate vacuum to be used for cleaning the pet’s hairs hence we will know how to stay healthy even though our pets live inside our house.

Type of Vacuums

There are actually many types of vacuum in the market these days. Starting from the ordinary vacuum, the cordless vacuum, until the robot vacuum. However, we must choose the best vacuum for pet hair where the most appropriate one is the robot vacuum (You can see our reviews here). There are basically many reasons that underpin the choice of robot vacuum amongst other types of vacuum. The first reason that makes robot vacuum is eligible to be chosen as the best vacuum for pet hair is the decent features and system. Both aspects of this robot vacuum guarantee the 100% removal of pet’s hairs in our house. First things first, we are going to talk about the mechanic system of this robot vacuum.  Robot vacuum is equipped with three stage of cleaning system. With this system it will make it possible to clean the floors from tiny dirt such as small debris and of course pet’s hairs.

Dirt Detect Technology in Robot Vacuum

Best robot vacuum for pet hairAnother thing about this robot vacuum is the dirt detect technology which strengthen its position as the best vacuum for pet hair. This dirt detect technology will allow this robot vacuum to detect dirtier areas in our house. For example, our pets mostly spend their time hanging around in our bed floors or in our living room floors where this robot vacuum will be able to detect it without having any difficulties.

Virtual Wall in Robot Vacuum

The next thing about this robot vacuum that we will not find in any other type of vacuum is the virtual wall technology. With the implementation of this technology, it will be possible for us to set a coverage limitation of the robot vacuum. For example, our pets spend their time only in the living room hence we can set the living room’s walls as the limit of its movement. It will surely increase the efficiency in cleaning our house.

Cordless Vacuum

With all of those specifications that are offered by the robot vacuum, it is not surprising that robot vacuum should be a perfect choice for best vacuum for pet hair. However, it does not mean that we should discard the other option since it may offer something different from the robot vacuum. Now let’s take a peek on the other type of vacuum which is the cordless vacuum.  Well, the name has explained itself where it is basically a vacuum without being accompanied with cord. There are two main differences between the robot vacuum and the cordless vacuum which are the shape and the automatic mode. The shape of the cordless vacuum is long and slim whereas the shape of robot vacuum is round. Automatic mode can be only found in the robot vacuum whereas it cannot be found in the cordless vacuum. Robot vacuum, as what has been explained before, possesses several features that will enable us to clean small dirt including the pet’s hairs in our house where the main question would be: Is cordless vacuum possesses the same features. Well, although it is not accompanied with three stage cleaning systems, there are additional tools that can be added to the cordless vacuum which is the mini turbo tool. This additional tool will allow us to activate the high speed brushers that are able to clean our house from the pet’s hairs. In conclusion, cordless vacuum can also be classified as the best vacuum for pet hair since it has the mini turbo tool to clean the pet’s hairs.


The summary of this article is that there are two type of vacuum that can be classifies as the best vacuum for pet hair which are the robot vacuum and the cordless vacuum. Both vacuums offer a different way to clean pet’s hairs where it depends on us in determining which one of them that perfectly fits with our condition. Robot vacuum with its three stage cleaning system and cordless vacuum with its mini turbo too.