Cordless Vacuum Overview

Cordless Vacuum Overview


Sometimes we do have problems in using vacuum cleaner where one of the problems is the cord. Yes, the ordinary vacuum cleaner that uses cord can be very annoying since it will annoy both our movement and the vacuum cleaner’s movement. Another problem that comes from the ordinary vacuum cleaner is the coverage limit. By having the cord attached to the vacuum cleaner, it will be hard to extend the coverage limit where the maximum limit is the length of the cord. Even if the cord appears to be long, it will certainly unsafe for every family members in the house to move. Yes, I believe we all have experienced this problem whether we fell because we tangled in the cord or we dropped something because we hit the cord. These problems become more frequent to happen when we have a small house where our house will turn to be a total mess whenever we clean our house using this ordinary vacuum cleaner. Worry not since there are new innovation that has developed the ordinary vacuum cleaner into a brand new tool which is the cordless vacuum.


Yes, you heard it right, it is basically a vacuum cleaner without having cord attached at the back of this tool. It will certainly solve our problems that are mostly caused by the cord.  This cordless vacuum will not only have cordless feature where it will also be installed with several features that make this tool even better. In here we are going to give an overview about this cordless vacuum which includes some of its features and comparison with similar tools.


The very first thing that we are going to discuss about this tool is the shape. Cordless vacuum is basically a handheld tool that can be used to clean every corner of our house without any difficulties. With its long shape, this tool has a long range hence it can reach some areas that are unreachable if we use the ordinary vacuum cleaner. Its shape has made cordless vacuum to be relatively light if we compare it with another tools that offer a similar service. In conclusion, the shape of cordless vacuum makes it efficient for us to clean our house without having to spend more time arranging the cord and reaching difficult areas.


The next feature of this cordless vacuum that we are going to discuss is the performance of this tool. Cordless vacuum is powered by electricity which means it will be measured in the volt unit. If we apply more electricity or in other words increasing the voltage, the more powerful this tool will be. A more powerful cordless vacuum will lead to a stunning performance in cleaning our house because it will be able to absorb dirt in a more powerful way. By increasing the performance also means that small dirt such as pet’s hairs or small debris can also be absorbed by this tool.

Capacity and Storage

Another thing that must be noticed from this cordless vacuum is the capacity. Capacity of this tool will determine the amount of dirt that is able to be stored in this tool. Cordless vacuum has a unique storage where it comes in the form of dust container instead of vacuum bag. With its smaller size than the vacuum bag, dust container can only store a small amount of dirt hence it needs to be changed more often. However, the smaller the storage’s size the more efficient it would be so that the storage of cordless vacuum will be far more effective than the ordinary vacuum cleaner although we have to spend extra energy to empty the dust container.


The next feature that we can find in this cordless vacuum is the duration of the battery. Since tool gains energy by recharging it and we cannot plug it to power sources directly because of the “cordless” feature that this tool has, this tool has a certain duration time for one time it is full charged.  Well, we might be a bit disappointed with the duration since the fair range of cordless vacuum duration is around 15-30 minutes where in some decent brands, the maximum can up to 60 minutes.  This tool will not be very effective to be used when we have a large house which means that the size of the area to be cleaned will be larger. By using this cordless vacuum, we will spend more electricity in order to recharge its battery to start cleaning again after its power is running out. In here we will be faced by two disadvantages which are the extra electricity that we must pay for the extra voltage for recharging and also extra sweat that must be shed to recharge this tool plus to clean the entire house. Despite of some disadvantages from this cordless vacuum, this tool will be very effective for a small to medium sized house hence it is not that bad after all.

Mini Turbo Tool

The next feature of this cordless vacuum is the mini turbo tool. Well, this feature is only available to some cordless vacuums that mostly has a higher price but the existence of this tool is very important especially when we have pets in our house. It is not a new news that pet’s hairs are very annoying especially when we have kids in our house. Pet’s hairs can cause several diseases if there are no anticipations to clean it from our floors or furniture. This is why the mini turbo tool can be very handy where it provides the high speed brushers to give more quality in the final result of the cleaning. With this speed brushers, it is possible for this cordless vacuum to absorb small particles which include pet’s hairs.


With all of the decent features that cordless vacuum offers, we must be worried about the price. Rest assured since the price of this tool is relatively cheap where the range of the price is $150-$300 hence we should not have worried about it since with the cheap price we can get so many stunning features in only one tool.