Cleaning Robot Overview

Cleaning Robot

Robots are everywhere nowadays including the cleaning robot that has become an important tool in our life these days. Robots are basically a concrete product of the advancement of technology where the main purpose of the robot creation is to make people’ life easier than before. Well, we are certainly not talking about robots that are able to launch missiles or bombs that are destined to fight giants or monsters whereas we are talking about robots in the reality which its main function is to help people. Well, there are also robots that are used for entertainment but most of the robots these days are programmed to do our daily activities such as cleaning. Cleaning robots are actually very popular amongst people that have a busy life hence they do not have enough time to take care of stuffs in their home such as cleaning therefore cleaning robots are more needed by people that come from middle to high class society. Not only getting busy with their life either in work or house, middle to high class society supposedly have a large house where it needs lots of time and energy to clean their house. This is why cleaning robot becomes very handy since it will be able to clean their house with a good final result since it is equipped with some groundbreaking features. Cleaning robot is also very helpful when it comes to people that only spend their time in house for a short period of time since this robot is equipped with what so called as the “scheduling system” which will be explained thoroughly later on in this article. In here we are going to give you all some information regarding to the cleaning robot that includes some of its decent features and a bit comparison with similar tools that more or less have the same function which is to clean.

The Only Scheduling System

The first aspect of this cleaning robot that we are going to discuss is the scheduling system which has been stated before. Yes, it seems to be too good to be true but it is what this cleaning robot offers us as its special features. People who will find this special feature to be very useful are people that are travelling a lot hence they will not enough time to clean their house or apartment and also for people who tend not to do the cleaning every day. This scheduling system will surely help those kind of people by making the cleaning robot to be able to work automatically based on the schedule that we have set before. The scheduling system can be applied into seven sessions in a row therefore we can perform seven session of cleaning in one days. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

Well-Designed Size and Shape

Another thing about this cleaning robot is the size and shape. Yes, it may vary but there are some cleaning robot such as vacuum cleaning robot that has a small size with round shape. That size and shape might increase the efficiency level of both the usage of time and also cleanliness level of our dirty area in our house. The first thing is the usage of time, cleaning robot has can be operated both automatically and manually where with its size and speed it can occupy a large coverage hence the time will not be wasted. The next thing is about the cleanliness level. Cleaning robots are usually equipped with very decent specs that able to yield a very satisfying result. For example in the vacuum cleaning robot where it is equipped with three stage of cleaning system. Accompanied with its size and shape, this advance cleaning system will definitely clean our house in the most effective way.

Power Source

The next thing about this cleaning robot is its duration. Another main difference between robot and other tools is the power source which will directly affect the duration. Robot’s power source including the cleaning robot is batteries which means that it needs to be recharged once it is running out of power. With its automatic feature, the use of batteries will be very efficient where it can make this robot to have a large area coverage that is badly needed in a house that has a large size. However, it comes with disadvantage, Such as another tools that are using batteries their main power source, it needs to be recharged. The maximum duration of vacuum cleaning robot to keep working is around 3-5 hours where it depends on the quality of the engine. This means that if we need to clean a large house then we need to recharge it if it has not been able to clean all dirty areas in our house in a single duration of full charged batteries. This will be less effective when we try to compare it with, for example, the ordinary vacuum cleaner where it has cord to keep the electricity flows endlessly.

Set The Limit

Another decent feature about cleaning robot especially vacuum cleaning robot is the ability to clean only a certain dirty area by using its virtual wall feature. Well, not all vacuum cleaning robot is equipped with this feature but the main function of this feature will make us think twice before we decide which vacuum cleaning robot that we are going to buy. So basically this feature will allow us to limit the movement of the vacuum cleaning robot so that it will not go from the area that we have set to be cleaned before. With this virtual wall feature equipped in the vacuum cleaning robot, we can set the limit such as the doors or the walls therefore the robot will not go to the area beyond the limit.


The price of cleaning robot may vary where it depends on the quality that it offers but factually, developers have been trying to push its price so that it can be purchasable not only for the middle to high class society but also for thw low one. For example, the price of vacuum cleaning robot is ranging from $200-$700.