Benefits of owning a robovac

Benefits of owning a robovac

When the robovac was first released on the market they seemed like a great idea but almost too good to be true. Manufacturers promised homeowners that they could set up a cordless robotic vacuum cleaner with a rechargeable battery and it would automatically clean any floor in their home.

These robot vacuum cleaners are capable of cleaning all types of flooring. The brushes automatically adjust to accomodate different floor surfaces. The robovac is very beneficial for the elderly and especially disabled people. With remote capabilities available on many of these vacuums it enables less mobile individuals to operate there unit without having to bend over or crouch down.

A robovac can cross thresholds that are up to two centimetres. If the thresholds are very steep, it may be necessary to create a small “ramp” for this small vacuum to drive over. Fringed rugs are not a problem and the newer models have anti-tangle technology which will keep the fringe from getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner. They are also very good at removing low lying dust and allergens from your floor so they are great for allergysufferers.

Loose wires can be a problem. When they sense resistance, they automatically stop and attempt to untangle the wires. If the wires are very thin, there is a possibility that the robovac will get stuck. If they are being used in a room that has loose wires, it is recommended that homeowners keep the wires close to the walls or have them off of the floor area.

Some models have larger dust bins but the majority of them will need to emptied often. If you think about it, the convenience of not having to clean your floors nearly as often, it’s worth spending a few seconds emptying the dust bin.

Robovac functions and features:

Stairs and drop-offs are not a problem for these little vacuum cleaners. Underneath the bumpers, there are sensors that can detect any changes in level, meaning that the robotic vacuum will stop and turn when it senses a drop-off. Homeowners do not need to worry about blocking staircases.

Setting up a robovac is fairly simple. They come with a charging port so they can re-charge their battery. This is the “home base” where the vacuum cleaner will return when it is not being used.

The more advanced robovacs are equipped with a scheduler so homeowners can set their vacuumand decide how frequently they want it to do it’s cleaning. Some have a dirt detection sensor that can sense when there is excess dirt in the area and will automatically start to vacuum.

A great feature that has become available from one of the manufacturers is a room positioning system that will scan the entire room and plot out it’s route. It can even sense if you re-arrange any furniture in the room and it will avoid any obstacles in it’s path.

Floor washing robotic vacuums are available from iRobot .These robots will not only pickup the dirt and dust but actually scrub your floors with a solution then a squeegee picks up all the dirty water. They also make a pool cleaning robovac that scrubs the floor and walls plus it filters the pool water.

Can a robovac replace an upright?

The biggest worry of purchasing a robovac is that it will not be able to perform a deep cleaning like traditional upright or canister. Due to its small size and multiple brushes, the robot can actually reach into small spaces and is powerful enough to clean quite admirably.

They will never replace the power or versatility of corded upright but there are some models that come pretty close. The good thing about owning a robovac is that it will keep your floors clean between deep cleaning and make it easier for you.

Robovacs come in wide range of prices. There are also a great deal of accesories available to add on to these robot vacuums. The only caution to consumers is to avoid purchasing a cheap model or a poor brand. These vacuums will not be as effective at cleaning and are a poor value. Brands like iRobot have been developing robots since the early 1990’s and have a good reputation.

Buying one of these handy little cleaning robots is a smart way to avoid vacuuming and are great for someone with a busy schedule. As stated earlier, these can be very helpful for the elderly and also the physically challenged.

We would like more free time to do the things we enjoy so why not invest in a robovac that can eliminate some of that unpleasant vacuuming and give you time for more important things like fun!