A quick and unbiased Roomba 880 review

A quick and unbiased Roomba 880 review

You can see our full review of the 880 here.

One of the most impressive automatic vacuum cleaners we’ve ever seen (and far and away one of the most impressive robot vacuum cleaners ever manufactured), the brand new Roomba 880 is a game changer sense of the word.

Unlike traditional vacuums that have to be pushed around (crippling your back and causing you to waste hours and hours every week), this automatic vacuum cleaner is going to be as close to a “set it and forget it” kind of vacuuming experience as you’re going to get – and boy is it going to get the job done!

There’s a reason why this particular vacuum cleaner has been reviewed in such an overwhelmingly positive light, and we are going to break down some of the reasons why people are absolutely in love with this vacuum cleaner right now!

This robotic vacuum cleaner enjoys amazing energy efficiency AND power at the same time

The energy efficiency that the Roomba 880 offers is almost second to none, providing for hours and hours of running time (active vacuuming time) on a single charge thanks to the unique battery technology present here.

On top of that, it produces a cyclonic vacuum that will suck up just about anything and everything imaginable, right down to the finest particles of dust, dirt, and debris. This is one impressive vacuum cleaner.

Lightweight, compact, and sleek, the Roomba 880 is going to be able to clean your entire floor without missing a spot

Weighing in at just about 8 pounds (and maybe even just a little bit heavier than that) and about as large as an oversized dinner plate, this relatively compact vacuum cleaner is going to be capable of some pretty cool cleaning miracles as it motors around your floors.

Thanks to the automatic detection software and sensors built right into this device, it’s going to recognize when it’s “painted itself into a corner”, take the necessary corrective action all on its own, it guarantees that it covers every single space on your floor before it’s done.

A little bit the pricier side of things (between $600 and $700 or so retail), this Roomba 880 is worth every penny

Though this particular unit is a little bit the more expensive side of things, when you consider the convenience and the performance that you’re paying for it is right in line with other comparable “traditional” vacuum cleaners – if not cheaper!

You are going to absolutely love the new Roomba 880!